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The journal raises the topics of broadly understood passenger public transport, IT, and related sociological issues.

Komunikacyjny Związek Komunalny (Municipal Transport Union) GOP, one of the biggest public transport organisers in the country, is the publisher of “Komunikacja Publiczna”.

The circles related to science and public administration, and to entities working for the public transport, are the main addressees of the journal. The journal is distributed also to libraries of all universities related to the transport in our country.

Full versions of all papers are available free of charge in the electronic version on the archive’s sub-site.

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Papers are licensed by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0).

Blanks and social – transport exclusion

The introduction of systemic changes in the service of suburban and regional public transport was preceded by an extensive and continuing for a few years discussion on the content of the new Act on Collective Public Transport.

To buy or to modernise the rolling stock?

Because of major changes occurring among Polish railway carriers as well as in the railway infrastructure itself, it is worth answering the question, which solution is more sensible and more future oriented. However, not the financial reasons but primarily the travel safety and comfort should be the main argument at decision making.

EU purchases already without diesels

The purchases of buses with traditional engines planned for the next years can turn out more expensive than planned. The EU support will no longer be directed to buses driven only with diesel engines, even if they comply with the most recent standards.
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